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Transit Tunnel Construction--Business Retention / Impact Mitigation Strategies

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A New User Seeks Expertise on a Work-Related Issue

Has Anyone Dealt with Business Retention Strategies to Lessen Impacts to Businesses Due to Downtown Transit Tunnel Construction?

This is a somewhat specialized question but was hoping that someone out there may have come across the issue, know someone who has, or know of a newsgroup that would deal with such an issue.

Here's the crux of the matter:

My city is in the planning stages to accommodate into its downtown the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. Stations, ventilation shafts and cut-and-cover tunnels are the big construction impact items.

I'm fishing at various North American transit agencies for techniques used to help businesses keep their doors open during the course of similar projects. Thought I'd cast a wider net and try here.

Anyone care to share?


The problems you encounter would, I think, be similar to those encountered when reconstructing a street. Many state downtown programs have developed strategies to deal with these. It has been a frequent request of ours. You may want to contact Jim Engle at the Wisconsin Main Street Program, in the Department of Commerce, to see what he can tell you.


maudit anglais
The Toronto Transit Commission has some experience with this - they recently completed a new subway project. Although it wasn't in the downtown, it was built under a major road). I'm not sure who the appropriate contact would be at this moment, but I can try to find something if you are interested.