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Transportation Impact Monitoring


maudit anglais
As a condition of approval for a particularly sensitive development, or a development that is occuring in a sensitive area, we will often require that some form of monitoring be undertaken to assess the actual traffic impacts of a development - especially with respect to traffic infiltration, off-site parking, and loading activities.

Sometimes we will collect monies or have some form of financial instrument secured from the developer, in order to undertake future traffic monitoring at some point. However, we don't really have a formal process that sets out when monitoring will be required, how monitoring will be undertaken, the potential consequences of the monitoring, etc.

Does anybody out there have a formal monitoring program in place that they can share some information about?


green lizard

I am not sure I understand the question completly...

But here in Florida once the Development Review
is complete and any contingency based on projected future
traffice volumes are negotiated, the developer has met
his obligation.

In other words if he generates more impact that was agreed
to, he is home free.

What I think you are asking is to set up a program where the
you can come back to the developer after his project is
completed and get more monies from him if he generates
more traffic than originally agreed upon....

Is that the idea?