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Urban development in the suburbs


Thanks to Wonderboy for the post. I guess you can call this a NU development. Love it or hate it I found this thread very interesting.

I went out today and took pictures of the new development in Port Credit, Mississauga. A suburb of Toronto. This is one of the most urban and forward thinking housing developments you're going to find anywhere in suburbia and it's coming along beautifully. Just thought I'd share with everyone what can happen when developers get it right. There's going to be a great sense of community when this place is done.

The sales office is the old headquarters of the St Lawarence Starch Company.

The view from Lakeshore.

Is this Mississauga? Where are the driveways?

Urban Transport Vehicles like mine must be parked underground or at streetside in this new development.

I almost killed myself climbing on top of a fence to see into these backyards.

Not much of a backyard, but clever way to hide the cars. Some units only have parking located in one of the underground parking garages.

The lucky SOB's who get to live here will soon have a spectacular lakeside park to call their own.

The new condo development that was formerly a soccer feild.

Lookin at a hole in the ground.