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What school? USC vs. Penn vs. GA Tech (Policy & Tech)


Hii! I'm currently choosing between USC, Penn, and GA tech.

I'm interested in Community and Economic Development, housing, and real estate development. The technological aspect of the programs (Penn and GA tech) would be new to me, but I'm becoming increasingly interested in analytics/ data visualization. For that reason, I'm not sure how much USC has to offer in that realm. But I'm still interested in policy and conversations surrounding equity, social justice and would like that to be within my curriculum (I know USC is strong in this area). To what extent do Penn and GA Tech's programs explore policy and equity?

As far as funding, still waiting to hear from Penn, but not offered anything from GA Tech or USC as of now so that will be a factor, but education wise, I have areas that I want to be included in my education (especially if I'm going to take out a lot of loans to finance my education).