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Visual assessment in Australia

Hi all,

I'm a Landscape Architect, originally from Australia with around 8 years experience or so in Australia. I'm living in Germany at the moment and partly due to the tightness of the job market here for non-native DE speakers, partly due to a rethink in my career plans and partly due to circumstance, I'm considering studying for a masters of Environmental Planning at TU Berlin.

My goal if I do this, would be to tailor the modules offered for a good basis in visual assessment and eventually (within the next 2-3 years), bring this home to Australia to find work as a landscape planner / visual assessment practitioner.

My questions:
What's the job market like for visual assessment? For landscape planning? Anecdotally, I recall there being a shortage of visual assessment people in Qld at least, but few opportunities for landscape planning outside of the state Govt or the big developers.

Should I be looking for anything particular in my chosen course of study which would a) be essential to practice in Australia or b) give a good 'edge'?

Any advice appreciated. :)