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Wal-mart embraces neo-traditional design

One of my co-workers sons did the site - they're trying to get on Letterman, a la the Ebay wedding dress guy. :D


Cyburbian Plus
From their FAQ -

Q: What if I can't afford to pay the 10,000 right now?
A: You can pay a down payment as low as 1,000 dollars and pay the rest off over up to fifty years! You can also speed up the repayment process by serving as a Wal-Mart employee!

Q: What happens if my Wal-Mart store closes? Do I still get to keep my Wal-Home?
A: In the unlikely event that your Wal-Mart store closes, you will not be able to remain in your home but will be given the choice to relocate to any unoccupied Wal-Home accross the nation, be reimbursed for relocation costs, and given an additional 200 dollars for your trouble.

I read this as their up-dated version of the "company town".