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wal mart realty - sorry about the new thread


Sorry about starting a new thread, I can't find the original one where I mentioned this topic, and was asked to post the address.

mods feel free to merge if you can find it.

Here is the web address that I was finally able to find for wal mart realty.

What seems most interesting to me is that they are advertising approximately 400-500 stores for sale (22 pages with about 25 stores /page). This is compared with approximately 2300 existing stores (Walmart, super centres, sams clubs). They claim to have the market and business plan figured out, yet are disposing of 1/3 of their stores due to expansion needs and other items. Something seems fishy to me.


this isn't fishy at all. it's part of their strategy.

Barnes&Noble employs a similar tactic.

Let's say you live in Springfield. Wal-mart comes to the area one day and opens up a store about 10 miles down the road in East Smallville.

A year later they open up another small 10 miles in the other direction just outside of Westville.

Walmart puts a hurtin' on both towns and the pain start to become apparent in larger downtown Springfield. The stores in Westville and Smallville are featuring sales every week and the prices are generally lower than at other Walmarts

After a few years when the Westville and Smallville business communities are obliterated and Springfield is hanging by a thread Walmart announces grand plans for a new mega-store to be located, where else? you guessed it!


The Westville and Smallville stores are shuttered and residents of these towns have no choice but to drive to Springfield to do their shopping. Oddly enough, prices go up, management says that it's simply the price of a more convenient store.