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Warp the Culture!

Duke Of Dystopia

OK, I read the articles El Guapo posted on the present and future 2nd American Revolution..

Both sides of the cultural isle have NO sense of humor and even less willingness to accept anything outside of thier own beliefs. I propose a new game similar to twist a wish called Warp the Culture, warp the person comments to the benifit of the other side. I bet we can better predict our culture this way and have fun, rather than rehashing an old argument.


Public funding for people who want to send thier kids to private schools is judged acceptable by the courts. Liberals enraged.

Private school for children of WICANS opens for business in Chicago. Christians upset by realization that they helped the hated PAGANS get public funding for non-christian schools :)

OK I start:

NPR looses remaining government funding. GOP

Rumpy Tunanator

Oooppss, I have to warp yours, OK

-Left takes away gas subsidies from the automobile industry to fund NPR (I don't make sense)

-Country elects Satan to get over the Church VS State dilema, Every body shocked including Jesus who only carried Utah and Flordia (Ouch, sorry offended, offended).