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Water Feature Design Regs


I am currently an intern at the Greenville County Planning Commission. In Greenville County, SC we will not allow water features in islands or right of ways even though we do not accept the islands or parts of the right of ways in the road dedication. The County does not want to deal with water lines under roads and causing potential problems associated with leaking or freezing pipes. However, we are seeing an increase in neighborhood developers wanting to put these features in their developments, and we are also beginning to see variances granted to allow the features. At the moment, we feel like we are behind the curve on this issue. Aside from telling the developers they can do whatever they want if the roads are private (which is what we currently do), does anyone out there have any other suggestions, design standards, etc. that may be of use to us. Thank you for your time.

mike gurnee

A valve and separate water meter before the line goes under the pavement.
A homeowners association.
A maintenance agreement with the HA for any breaks (including pavement repairs as needed).

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