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Development 🏗️ Waterfalls Resort Development


Good day, Cyburbians!

My friend and I visited a beautiful waterfalls of several tiers about an hour drive from our place.

I wrote a blog entry about this short but amazing trip here: The 7 Tiers of Escaldera Falls.

I love the fact that the owner of the place decided to develop it following the natural contours of the surroundings so that the place remained natural unlike other waterfalls where too much development have made the falls look artificial.

This falls, the Escaldera Falls, remained pretty much in its natural state which I like very much.

However, visiting all the tiers was somehow dangerous. The trail had so many slippery slopes. We didn't even wear helmets. No ropes except for about three meters.

In short, it was really dangerous.

But the place is fantastic! It was one of the best resorts I've ever been to.

I would say that this resort has a lot of potential still untapped.

If you were the developer of this resort, how would you develop it and why?
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