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What book(s) are you reading?


JNL said:
SkeL - how was Pattern Recognition?
Haven't read it yet... I have it on hold... I read Virtual Light last summer, along with Idoru and All tommorow's parties, all 3 are excellent :) I also enjoyed Neuromancer..

Trail Nazi

SlaveToTheGrind said:
Me too! I read it several times a week. My son likes the part where he can feel dads "scratchy face" (for those who don't know, it's a childrens book with textures).

Definite fun for the kiddies!

Last night, I bought the new Diana Gabaldon book: Lord John Grey. I am very excited because I got the author to sign it for me, Zoning Goddess and our other Zoning Goddess Sister. She gave a little talk and then took questions. I actually asked one question with two parts. Very exciting! I am surprised that I was even calm enough to talk to her because I was so hyper from getting to see her. However, by the time that I got my books signed I was on such a sugar high that I was exuding hyperness and could barely contain myself.