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What can you walk to?


Dan said:

Walking is not an option in Kansas City now. It's 109 degrees out. That's ... oh, 45 degrees Celsius.

Wow we are lucky to get to 30C (86F) in summer. Winter now and we're supposed to have a high of 11C (52F) today :(

Other things I forgot that I can walk to within 5 mins of home: public tennis courts, a swimming pool, an indoor sports centre, a car parts retailer, a bathroom accessories shop, an antiques store, and a vet clinic.
If there's one thing I hate about Anaheim, it's that it's impossible to walk anywhere here. Especially where I live. In five minutes, I can barely walk to the closest major street from my house. If you extend it to ten minutes, I can walk to a gas station, a liquor store and a crappy burger stand.

I live in the armpit of the 91 and I-5 freeways, and it sucks. The I-5 makes it such a chore to walk anywhere south or west of where I live because you have to walk on the extremely steep overpass of the freeway, but of course no concern is made over the pedestrian, the city planners must have been thinking, cmon, who walks in Anaheim?! Forget it! Sigh...

Trail Nazi

I can walk to a trail in 5 minutes, that gets me to the town center in ten minutes, where there are shops, restaurants, the library, hotels, and other things. But at the pace that I go now with carrying baby stuff, I am lucky if I can get out of the house.