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Why I love Honolulu, HI


I was born and raised in Honolulu. While living there, I always wanted to move to the "Mainland". I always patronized Hawaii, complaining how it was small and boring. But after living in Oregon and visiting other US cities for the past few months, I now realize how great Honollulu is. For one, the weather can't be beat. The average winter high is around 78-82 degrees and the average low is around 68-74 degrees. While in the summer the high ranges around 85-88 and the low ranges around 73-77. So basically, the weather is a mild year-round summer. The scenic beauty of the mountains and beaches can't be beat. The racial diversity is always nice too. You can get dishes from every part of the world. I think Hawaii is the most racially diverse state.

Hmm, what else makes Honolulu great, oh yeah, I must mention the Honolulu ranks very low on sprawl. I mean, how far can you sprawl on an island? Although, the passed decade has spawned many cookie cutter subdivisions and big corporations. I remember when the first K-Mart opened in 1992. It was the largest store I;ve ever been to. It was just amazing. My mom drove us around for 1 hour just looking for parking. I thought K-mart was awesome. The openiing of K-Mart was the begining of the end though. Other big corporations popped up everywhere. The first outlet mall called Waikele opened in mid 90's and has stores such as Lowes, CompUSA, Saks fifth, borders, etc. Now, these big corporations are comming in full force. What was once considered cool, now has become a menace. But it isn't as bad as the mainland. I guess such development was inevetable. At least Bank of America and other large banks has not invaded Hawaii, yet.

Did you know that, Honolulu ranks #3 in the US for the amount of skyscrapers? It just ranks behind Chicago(1362), New York(4803). Honolulu (402) has more buildings than large cities such as LA(386)- Houston(342), and Philadelphia(309). I've complained about how small the city area was. But I realize that most US cities are actually smaller and with less buildings.