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Serious 😐 Why rising unemployment rates keep Wall Street happy??


Well, rising interest rates does keep Wall street happy, but not for the the reasons you say! Actually, I really don't know what you're talking about. The only thing that I got out of it was, that downsizing causes more less paying jobs in order to compensate for the loss of higher paying jobs. And it's in this, that Wall street finds the employment statistic more favourable.
Sounds like alot of rhetoric to me. The reason why Wallstreet favours high unemployment rates, is because it takes off market pressures such as higher wage demands, which leads to higher prices. High unemployment rates keep the threat of inflation in check, whick keeps the dollar low and attractive to foreign investors.
Second year Planning student from University of Waterloo, Canada.

Perry Norton

Cyburbian Emeritus
Rising Interest Rates

Good for you. Most of what I see are quick reactions rather than thoughtful statements. And I'm kinda simple as far as economics is concerned.
I said in my k1996 piece (It's the Stupid Economy) that this has to do with an increase in the number of lower paying jobs. Do you agree that this increases the number of people proportionately in the lower income bracket?
That this is an attraction to foreign investors is true, but it may not be true from Labor's viewpoint. The same thing applies re the big box venture, i.e. Home Depot and Walgreen, which have feewer supervisory types per employee. Such people are "employed" off campus.
And this, of course, is at the hub of our Smart Choice fight in planning. The same thing as this is happening in the health industry, another problem altogether.