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Wild, Wild Country - a doc about cults and land use regs in Oregon


I spent the weekend watching this on Netflix and found it interesting, especially in light of how land use and development is practiced in Oregon. Has anyone else watched it?
If you haven't, I don't want to ruin it but here are a few things that stuck out to me:
-The ranch seems like it was actually in two counties, which I don't recall being mentioned. I feel like that might've been important.
-I related a bit to the people of Antelope and Wasco County since I live someplace where there are land use issues involving religious groups, block voting, and attempts at stacking the local boards (town, village, zoning, planning) in their favor.
-I've never seen my partner so interested in a land use issue. (I guess all it took was a weird woowoo sex cult.)
-I watched the Documentary Now spoof of it, called Batsh*t Valley, first and it kind of made WWC even better.
-The filmmakers chose that to focus mostly on the the land use theme, which was interesting considering that other options were sex abuse, drug running, fraud, and/or money laundering. (If that interests you, there's a fairly comprehensive piece about it here.)
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I saw that series, and really enjoyed it. I told my parents and sibs about it, as well.

The clips from original coverage (news, Tonight Show, etc) were "new" to me, as I wasn't old enough at the time to be up watching the late news/entertainment during the week.

All in all, I thought it was a well done series.