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Will anyone be here at New Years?

Super Amputee Cat

I will be spending part of my evening on Cyburbia thank you very much.

If it sounds like I have no social life thats because I don't, but its either this or watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Things I Hate About You with the wife and her niece and her husband.

And I see a game of Scattergories on the counter. Uggh.
I am here. I have actually been at my computer all evening but my internet service has been flakey the last couple of days, so it hasn't let me stay online continuously. Additionally, because I bought a couple of domain names, I have been working intently on dividing up the content of my existing website and making changes to the architecture of the site for which I already have content.

I actually have a life, just not ... a "normal" one. My two sons and their best friend are here. He practically lives here. I mean he cooks meals for himself and puts items on the grocery list (I told him to do so: not only is it the humane thing to do but it is cheaper to feed him real food than to have him live on junk food and a hungry kid is a crabby kid).

My life has been very busy and hectic here lately and I expect it to remain so. I am thrilled to pieces but it probably isn't anything most folks would be jazzed about. I have continued to rearrange furniture and stuff, which is part of the aftermath of throwing out my bed. My office and bedroom are pretty wonderful at the moment and I feel more relaxed in them than I have ever felt in my own home. I think it will be a productive environment from which to launch a business (or three). And my "social life" has picked up as well. Again, not the kind of thing that most folks would likely be excited about but, hey, I was bedridden for 4 months and then mostly housebound for another 2 1/2+ years. It doesn't take all that much for me to feel like my social life is just grand!

Sorry if I missed you earlier. I hate to leave anyone lonely, you know.


Cyburbian Plus
asleep at 10 pm,
awake and sober at 6am.

Zoning Goddess

Sorry, Cat, I was home and awake and having less of a "life" than you! I was watching "One-Hit Wonders" on VH-1 and organizing photos in an album. We got home around 8 from a BBQ and the child went off to spend the night at a friend's, so I was bored silly.

So a belated "Happy New Years" to you!


So I'm not the only lame-o who had a laid back new years?

Left work around noon and spent an hour or so haggling with a salesman at the Verizon store over new mobile service. All I eded up with was a free car charger :-( .... so disappointing. I then spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and starting the proces of getting my new (used) car registered. No wonder no one's moving to Pennsylvania, it almost takes an act of congress to transfer a car title around here. geez.

Went out for dinner with the fiancee and then meet her grandparents for one drink out at the golfclub where we noticed we were one of the few couples there under the age of 50. So we left. Home by 11:30 and asleep... Well, a good bit later. Yeee Haw!!!

Happy new years everyone!
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I have three kids, ages 6, 4, and 22 months. Nothing but lame New Year's Eves for years to come.

Wouldn't trade, though.

Well, maybe just for a little while, every once in a great while....