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Windows XP Laptop. . . and you can be a company!


I have WIndows XP as well as Windows 98 loaded onto my laptop. Since I have the option I always use Windows 98( less complications).
Burn those inferno machines!

garethace said:

Well all I have to say to you slaves to the microsoft regime and the windows platforms...burn, smash, drench, or throw out the window your crappy pc and invest in the most reliable, virus, worm, pop-up, spy-ware,and blue screen free machine...buy a MAC! The new OS is almost identical in feel to windows and it is more user friendly and everything is simplified. All programs communicate with one another effortlessly and all your personal contacts and settings carry over from one progam to the next. It is all integrated and actually works. Oh what its like to not have to worry about compatablity and system requirements anymore. Oh and no more downloading those huge windows updates that come out every 6 hours only to make your pc even more useless!