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RFP / RFQ York, Maine Comp Plan

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luckless pedestrian

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Town of York, Maine with a budget of $200,000, seeks the services of a qualified planning consultant to work with and assist the Planning Board in preparing an update to the existing Comprehensive Plan. The current Plan, although amended yearly, was adopted as a whole in 1999, and is currently not consistent with MSRA Title 30-A and Chapter 208 of the State of Maine’s Comprehensive Plan Revision Criteria Rule. This update of the 1999 Comprehensive Plan would address new and future planning issues and result in a Plan consistent with the Growth Management Act of the State of Maine. The Plan will guide future growth, redevelopment, zoning changes, capital investments as well as many other land use and regional goals.

The complete RFP requirements and expectations can be found at www.yorkmaine.org .
Not open for further replies.