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your dream cast (not the Sega kind)


...as inspired by the celebrity crush thread...

What would your dream cast be in a movie? (no porn suggestions...we've been there)

I would take...

Halle Berry
Beyonce Knowles
Denise Richards
Late '80's Teri Hatcher
Sandra Bullock
Minnie Driver
Jeri Ryan
Christina Ricci
Kirsten Dunst
Natalie Portman

And, just to make sure it's not a total chick flick...

Mid-'80's Clint Eastwood and Ahnuld
Charlie Sheen (campy intensity)
Giovanni Ribisi (actual intensity)

It would be a "Charlie's Angels" kind of thing, except "charlie" would be referring to the Viet Cong, and the angels would be a bunch of sexy evil kick-ass guerillas. Clint & company would foil their evil plan of world domination, and kill them all in a rain-soaked, t-shirt clad jungle warfare battle a la First Blood.