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Your Town's Best Unexplainable Laws

Rumpy Tunanator

Wow I wish this law was on the books here.

'Make My Day' Law Shields Slay Suspect

AULT, Colo. (AP) - A man accused of killing a neighbor in a dispute that started with a barking dog will not be charged with a crime because of Colorado's ``make my day'' law, which protects residents protecting themselves from intruders.

Weld County District Attorney Al Dominguez said Monday he had no choice.

``I have a dead human being and that death was caused by someone shooting a shotgun at him. Under normal circumstances, that kind of behavior demands a consequence,'' Dominguez said. The decision ``was very difficult. I struggled with it all weekend.''

Eric Griffin, 33, upset by the barking of a dog belonging to neighbor Richard Hammock, allegedly wounded the animal with a pellet gun Nov. 2. Hammock, 48, then went to Griffin's home carrying a 3-foot board, authorities said.

Griffin's girlfriend told police she heard breaking glass and a shotgun blast. Dominguez said the woman reported Griffin told her he fired when Hammock tried to enter the house.

Griffin has an unlisted phone number and couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.


I think the best law around here (NYS in general) is the "Bag over the Alcoholic Beverage Your Drinking While Outside" Law. Drinking on the streets is fun, just don't forget the bag:b: