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Zoning regulations for government buildings/uses

I'm looking for zoning regulations for government structures and uses. I'm attempting to draft a revision to our zoning regulations to specifically allow federal/state structures and uses in commercial and industrial zoning districts. I also need a good definition. I have the regs from King County and Alexandria, which seem to cover it. Any other ideas out there? We have a Public Lands/Institutions district, but I'm looking more at government offices/storage yards as opposed to general public institutions.

Linden Smith

In the strictest sense, the government is immune from land use regulations. In other words, you cannot expect the federal government to request a zone change for an office building or federal court building. Often you can get the government to cooperate in locating facilities, such as post offices, prisons, etc., but I've never heard of any state that explictly enables regulating land use under government ownership.